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Nicked from from :iconkaitlinexe:

Comment below and I'll pick a character of yours that's I like the most and I'll write what I like about them! (keep in mind that if I can't figure out where you keep them, I'll look for the most recent one you have)

I will only add you if you first make one of these journals and include one of my characters in it, and so on.
Link on your own journal in your comment is required!

1. :iconkaitlinexe: One of the many peers in the Rockman art world I've constantly looked up to for her skill in art AND character design
<da:thumb id="431757764"/>Vicky and Ark have always been particularly interesting to me, both for the fact they're Colonel's kids, AND their contrasting personalities work so well with their designs. (I also very much appreciate the fact they get to be Fei's cousins)
2. :iconmegagundamman: Longtime viewer
Reploid OC  -  Suzuki by MegaGundamManReploid Carol by MegaGundamMan Suzuki and Carol, I tend to see Suzuki around quite a bit and her design is streamlined yet eyecatching, and Carol's pretty cute. Not sure how off this might be, but I tend to get a Dirty Pair's Kei and Yuri vibe from them.

Agony by Megaspidermoon Agony, can't say I can find much about him writing-wise but I rather like his design, it's sleek but at the same time gives a very "tough" feeling, and I rather like the Samus-ish contour.

4. :iconaliasmouse: My adorable little Mousey
Kristina and Kain by AliasMouseKristina and Kain, sister reploids who couldn't be more different if they tried, but not only do I enjoy their sisterly dynamic but also their individual stories. It's rather fun how easily applicable Kristina is to practically any situation, and Kain is one hot badass.

5. :iconshinryuu-uroborus:
Muu by Shinryuu-UroborusSolid. While I'm openly not fond of Rockman X8's design ethic, Solid's design feels very "luxurious" yet intimidating. Her armor's contour is very appealing, her overall color design works exceptionally well for her design, and I really like how she makes the "thigh armor" concept work in an X-style design. I also must say, I do like how she seems so gentle from the neck up and dangerous from the neck down. (and that backstory, I'm impressed)

6. :iconmamma-jamma: Oh you weenie.
ID 2010 by StudioTRUE Firstly I must admit I didn't realize she was a hedgehog originally, but that's one reason why I like her, because her design has a great deal more effort than the usual Sonic fancharacter. She's WACKY, she's fun, and I really like most pictures of her. I also really enjoy seeing stories with her and Max, they're really fun together.

7. :iconangel-die: I admit, it was really tough to pick from your characters because I really liked them all, but I had to go with a concept I long to see given more attention
Echinacea's 21 plus color scheme by Angel-DieEchincea, another take on what Zero and Iris' daughter could have turned out to be. I like how she leans more towards Iris' design as inspiration, but uses Zero's colors for the most part. Her design just flows so well, and she feels like she'd fit perfectly in an actual game.

8. :iconmandy-kun: It was a VERY difficult choice, but
Dem Lockehearts by mandy-kunthe ENTIRE Lockheart family (including those not pictured), they're all so diverse personality-wise that it's always a fun to see what situations they get into both Hunter and home life-wise. Past, present and future their potential is endless, and I really hope it won't ever stop.

9. :iconhannaji:
[MMX][OC] Echo v2 Armour by HannajiEcho. As previously mentioned I'm not crazy about the X8 design ethic, and while I wasn't very endeared to her first armor design, I will say her second one feels a lot more cohesive and visually interesting. Story-wise, reading about the NGR setup made me cringe at first, but the more I read that was easily dismissed, and it felt like a story I'd be very much interested in reading considering it's a got a very interesting Pinnochio angle to it. I'm also really impressed with the depth of writing put into her personality and background, very nicely assembled there.

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