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"V-jump confirms Digimon Adventure Tri continues on from Digimon Adventure 02"

Well crap.

I’ll get it out of the way first. I assumed Taiora WAS the case for many many years, I was not aware Sorato was even a thing until long after Frontier had finished, I assumed Sora was too scared to talk to Tai. I assumed this because Sorato had NO buildup whatsoever, I did not pick up any implications that Sora and Yamato were compatable on any level or that either of them had a thing for each other, and I don’t feel I can be faulted for that. That being said, I have MUCH bigger problems with Tri continuing on from 02 than just Taiora, the latter half of said pairing I’ve been feeling a great deal less love for lately (ironically).

Digimon Adventure 02 was a trainwreck of a series. This isn’t opinion, it’s fact. It had unresolved dangling plotlines (Dagomon/the dark ocean, Ryo, The golden Digiegg, the “Original Digidestined) poor and inconsistant characterization (Takeru having no character, the new kids constantly shifting personalities and motives, Arukenimon and Mummymon) and several themes that COMPLETELY undermined the points the first Digimon Adventure series tried to make (“International Digidestined”, respective crests, the original Digidestined becoming near useless), to name a few. That “the adult years” segment wasn’t so much a nail in a coffin as it was a rusty nail dipped in iodine nailed through your tongue.

So what’s the point? If Digimon Adventure Tri is to continue on from Digimon Adventure 02, isn’t that like starting a Marathon on a freshly broken leg?

The world at the end of Digimon Adventure 02 is not a safe one to start a new adventure in. I believe that’s why Diablomon’s Counterattack/Revenge of Diaboromon takes place outside of its timeline. The end of 02 rendered the need for one established team moot. There is an entire army of Digidestined around the world, and the world is familiar with the Digital world now. The idea was the two worlds have effectively made contact and now operate in harmony save for what I assume would be the occasional dissident Digimon. If the world is like this, then what point would there be to focus purely on Tai again? He’s one soldier in an army, and 02 left him as an unremarkable one.

While it is admittingly a much weaker argument, it’s very strange Toei is choosing to do this, as Digimon Adventure 02 is regarded with very high contempt among fans both East and West. Polling results have revealed the 02 cast are not at all popular among fans (Poor Miyako was voted least popular Digidestined out of the entire cast, even less popular than the movie and expanded universe characters), and even the voice actors openly speak against the series. 02 might have its fans, but I don’t understand why.

Similar to my argument against the Megaman Zero series, in which knowing the world of Megaman Zero defangs any potential story that could happen in the X series since we’re aware of how things turn out, we know how the future of the Adventure series canon ends, and while terrible and exceptionally lame, it shows Tai is around and all the kids are doing “well”. While I am not an advocate of the Star Wars prequel movies being “unnecessary” because I believe the adventures that lead up to the movies could be interesting (though I don’t believe said prequels are great movies), the ending Digimon Adventure 02 portrayed is a MUCH different beast, and I do not believe anything continuing on from it can offer much promise.

It is very perplexing, because the promo materials for Digimon Adventure Tri have COMPLETELY omitted anything indicating the series continues from 02 (aside from the green school uniforms). It’s very odd that we haven’t seen Daisuke or any of the new digidestined, since they were pushed as the most important people to exist prior. Aside from the verbal confirmation, it feels as though the way they’re presenting it, Toei could have easily presented Tri as a partial or full retcon.

Digimon Adventure 02 was NOT fine, and to continue from it is not a good start.

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